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Urumqi Travel Guide

Urumqi Travel FAQS

1. When is the best time to visit Urumqi?The best time for visiting Urumqi is from May to October when flowers are in full bloom and the melons and fruits smell sweet and are ripe for the picking. Travel to Urumqi in Spring Spring is refreshing while a little cold. It snows occasionally and rains fr...

Urumqi Culture

OverviewXinjiang is called the western region in ancient times. In history, Urumqi is the important area of the ancient Silk Road. The economic and cultural exchange center between the East and the west is the gathering place of western culture and Chinese culture. It shows the characteristics of mu...

Urumqi Dining

OverviewFood is one of the things for which Xinjiang is famous. When tourists mention Urumqi Xinjiang, they will come up with all kinds of delicious food, such as Watermelon, grape, roast mutton, grab rice, naan, spicy kebabs, yogurt that tastes slightly like soda water but in a good way, steaming p...

Top Things to See in Urumqi

OverviewUrumqi is an important tourist distribution center and top tourist city in Xinjiang and even in China. As the provincial capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi is a city with modern factors and the unique ethnic culture as well. The Tianshan Mountains are distributed with alpine ice and snow landscape,...

Urumqi Nightlife

BarWhen it comes to Urumqi's nightlife, bars are indispensable. Urumqi's bar venues and their respective nightlife culture have matured and flourished over the year. At present, there are more than 200 bars and bars in Urumqi. They offer different themes and a variety of services - each for ...

Urumqi Festivals & Events

FestivalsUrumqi, as a city with a variety of ethnic minorities, is natural to have a unique ethnic traditional festival. The main festivals of the ethnic minorities who believe in Islam in Urumqi Xinjiang are Kurban Festival and Lesser Bairam Festival (Id al-fitr).Kurban FestivalKurban Festival, als...

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