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Kashgar Travel Guide

Top Things to See in Kashgar

Kashgar is located of northwest part of China and southwest of famous Tianshan Mountain range. Kashgar is a thriving trade city now in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, a part of China that rubs up against seven other countries. The mix of ethnic groups is intoxicating. Squint your eyes so that you do...

Kashgar FAQS

What type of food available in Kashgar?There are many reataurants in Kashgar feartured with local Urghur food due to 90% of population of uyghur here.Trying traditional Uyghur food is a must in Kashgar. Uyghur cuisine is related to Central Asian cuisine but it tastes 1,000x better. Make sure and try...

Kashgar Travel Tips

1. The Pamirs have an average altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level. You may have altitude sickness. Do not be too nervous when there is a high altitude reaction. Do not exercise vigorously, Keep warm and warm in the morning and evening. It is advisable to prepare oxygen to prevent altitude sickn...

Kashgar Nightlife

Are you looking for the places for the nighttime in Kashgar? Explore Kashgar city at night is a good way to relax and understand the real life of Kashgar locals. You will wonder where to go & what to do, night markets is the most popular places for locals where eat local snack & buy differnt...

Kashgar Shopping

OverviewKashgar is situated at the westernmost of China and it was one of towns on the ancient silk toad. The fertile oasis allows corn, rice, wheat and cotton, as well as melons, grapes, apricots, peaches and cherries to grow. There are various handicrafts make in Kashgar, such as cotton and silk t...

Kashgar Festivals

OverviewKashgar is a old city with a history over 2000 years, it is unlike any other place in China — brimming with intoxicating bazaars, vibrant street life, and a brilliant mosaic of cultures, flavors, and artistic traditions. Whether your aim is to shop up a storm or acquaint yourself with the lo...

Kashgar Dining

OverviewKashgar is one of popular tourist cities in Xinjiang.It is the westernmost city in China, Kashgar sits like a punctuation mark between China and Central Asia, along the Silk Road.But while it lies in the region of Xinjiang, within China's borders, Kashgar's cuisine shares little with...

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