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Unforgettable Xian Local Tours and Deep Dive Experiences

Embark on an immersive journey through Xi'an's vibrant tapestry with our specialized local tours and sightseeing adventures. Our Xi'an local tours go beyond the ordinary, delving into the heart of the city's culture through unique themes such as the Xi'an Foodie Expedition, captivating Xian Walking Tours, invigorating Xian Bike Tours, Muslim Culture Tour, Amazing Architecture Tour, Calligraphy culture Tour and more.

Uncover the rare and extraordinary, as our curated experiences bring you face-to-face with the essence of Xi'an. Explore the city's lesser-known gems, guided by our exceptional local guides who breathe life into every step of your journey. Indulge in the scarcity of these carefully crafted tours, ensuring an authentic and enriching encounter with Xi'an's cultural treasures. Immerse yourself in the genuine spirit of the city, one theme at a time, with our Xi'an Local Tours and Sightseeing Adventures!

Themed Xi'an Local Tours

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Tang West Market Museum, Muslim Quarter, Tang Dynasty Dance Show

Tour Style:Xi'an took the period of great prosperity in the Tang Dynasty. It is not only the national center for both politics and culture, but also the world famous capital and one of the important trade bazaars in the world of the day. Book a private Xian day trip, follow your tour guide to discover the history of the prosperous Tang Dynasty by visiting Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Tang West Market Museum, Muslim Quarter, and watch Tang Dynasty Dance Show.

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From $89 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter, Shaanxi History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Tour Style:This One Day Xian Muslim Tour is specially customized to cater for Muslim tourists and carefully planned to ensure that you could experience islamic culture and enjoy delicious Halal food, the main highlights of Xi'an are also included. Take a day trip from Xian to Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter and more, your expert guide will share the history of Muslim culture in Xian even China, and experience the life of Muslims of Xian by strolling down Muslim Quarter where you can find abundant delicious local snacks and rich culture of ancient immigration.

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From $78 p/p

Duration:5-6 hours

Attractions(Cities):Bike on Ancient City Wall, Calligraphy Lesson

Tour Style:What can be more fun than touring the massive Xian Ancient City Wall by bike? Take Xian One Day Tour, your no-stree private cycling tour takes you along the ancient city wall a great way to get some terrific views of the city with your personal tour guide. Then take a calligraphy lesson, which is the best way for you to experience the culture and local lifestyle of Xian. Hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance fees, private vehicle included.

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From $62 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Xi'an Ancient City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Gao’s Grand Courtyard, City God Temple

Tour Style:Xian City Wall, is also knownd as Xi'an Ming dynasty city wall, is the largest and most complete ancient city wall in China. One day Xian trip is specially designed for history lovers who want to know more about the history of Ming Dynasty. This Xian day tour package will take you back to Ming Dynasty, learn all about the dynastic history & culture, and marvel at the great architectures of this periods by visiting City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Gao’s Grand Courtyard, and City God Temple.

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From $67 p/p

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Daxingshan Temple, Great Mosque, Guangren Lama Temple, Muslim Quarter

Tour Style:The best private tour Xian religious tour is the one that fits your budget and schedule! Take one day Xian private tour with a local tour guide, explore the numberous religions sites from flavours of diverse cuisines at Muslim Quarter to iconic lanmarks and heritage sites including Great Mosque, Guangren Lama Temple, and more. Ensure you're able to learn the in-depth religious cultures in short time.

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From $68 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Daming Palace Site Park, Shaanxi History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Tour Style:The Tang Dynasty was no doubt the most sparking historic period in the history of Xian, even China, the impact of Tang Dynasty was huge, such as the fabulous clothes and Tang Poem, the culture symbol of China. With your private tour guide, get a chance to uncover the delightful Tang Dynasty at your own pace on this fully guided day tour.If you are history lovers, you should definitely book this tour, do not miss it!

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From $67 p/p

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Xian Ancient Wall, Bell Tower, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Terra-cotta Warriors, Hanyangling Museum

Tour Style:Xi'an, served as the imperial capital for ten ancient imperial dynasties. Within rich history, Xi'an has a great number of precious relics and historical sites. Tour Xian's must-see sites and hidden enclaves from Beijing on this private Xian 2-day tour, which includes transportation on a bullet train, a tailor-made tour itinerary, Beijing hotel/train station transfers and entrance fees. Join in this tour package, let your guide take you back to ancient China.

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From $296 p/p

Duration:4 hours

Attractions(Cities):Xian Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter, Food Street

Tour Style:Enjoy a day out with a local private tour guide to explore the hidden gems on this Xian tour. Travel with your local guide, walk to Muslim Quarter and hidden food streets where you can visit favorite local eateries, you guide will give you tips during the tour(our guides are locals, they really know where and what to eat). Then visit Xian city wall, the largest and best preserved existing ancient city wall in China.

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From $49 p/p

Duration:7-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Donghan Village

Tour Style:Huxian Famer Paintings reflects the ideology of a simple life while respecting the spirit of time, and representing strong national features with vibrantly contrasting colors. With One Day Xian Art Tour, discover the Donghan Village, the home to an aboundance of local artists with an expert guide to know more about Huxian Farmer Paintings. This private tour offers you a chance to interact with peasant painters who spend their lives creating art.

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From $97 p/p

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Qinling Wildlife Park

Tour Style:Enhance your travel experience to visit the Qinling Wildlife Park, the largest wildlife park in Northwest China on this 1 day private tour. Accompanied by your personal guide, appreaciate the wild birds, or the beasts of prey in very close distance, which will be very exciting and of course your security can be safe guaranteed in the well-equipped sightseeing bus. Xian hotel/train station pickup and drop off included.

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From $96 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Xian Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Tang West Market Museum, Xian Calligraphy Museum

Tour Style:Private One Day Free Guided Tour of Xian Historical & Arts Museums is a great Xian orientation for first-time visitors and exploerers on a tight schedule. Discover the city, its history and its art without the strss or noise of a large group to distract you from the sights and sounds. Visit Xian Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Tang West Market Museum, and Xian Calligraphy Museum, get a complete information about the grace of the city itself.

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From $72 p/p

Duration:6 hours

Attractions(Cities):Green Dragon Temple (Qinglong Temple), Cherry Blossoms

Tour Style:Visit Xian Dragon Green Temple, also named Qinglong Temple for admiring beautiful cherry blossoms on this day tour of Xian in Spring. From March to May, cherry blossoms are about in full swing, Xian starts to explode with color. This tour is a great way for photographers who want to view the first glimse of a greener city, and practice your photography skills. Travel with your personal guide, explore the hidden part of the city and know its another charm.

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From $62 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Hot Spring

Tour Style:Enjoy the low season price and quietness on this private winter tour of Xian. Spend the day with a native Xian who is passionate about sharing the city's rich history. Marvel at Terracotta Warriors, an incredible feat of craftsmanship and production. Then relax and recuperate at the hot spring resort, a unique location thet combine the ancient baths with modern amenities.

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From $68 p/p

Duration: 6-7 hours

Attractions(Cities):Chongyang Palace, Luoguanatai Taoist Temple

Tour Style:Make the most of your time to discover the Taoism culture of Xian on this private day tour. Your local guide will pick you up in an air-conditioned vehicle, take you from Xian city to visit Chongyang Palace, a Taoist holy land, and Louguantai where you can appreciate the temple of the most famous God of Wealth in Chinese culture as well as a famous figute in Taoist culture. Travel with us to get a comprehensive introduction of Chinese Taoism.

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From $82 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Great Mosque, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Drum Tower

Tour Style:Take a Xian day tour to appreciate the best part of Xian architectures with a native Xian, who will show you the very best of Chinese cultures at your own pace. Tour in Xian with an insider guide, get a deep touch with the Chinese architectural culture. This private tour is suitable for travelers who are interested in China culture and architectures, the highlights of the tour include Great Mosque, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower and much more

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From $68 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Vegetable-growing farms, Former Site of Anwu Youth Training Class, Anwu Primary School

Tour Style:A day tour to Xian's country side offers a great oppotunity to get close to nature and enjoy the landscape in natural countryside. Accompanied by your local guide, meet the villagers and witness the slow pace lifestyle of people; Join famers to pick the vegetables; Pay a visit to the local school, from all of which, you'll get a unique experience that give you first-hand contact with a real, grassroots Xian.

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From $82 p/p

Duration:6 hours

Attractions(Cities):Great Mosque, Dapiyuan Mosque, Xiaopiyuan Mosque, Muslim Quarter

Tour Style:Xian is one of the place of first introduce Islam into China, there are a plenty of mosques still well-preserved. Private Full Day Xian Mosques Tour covers some famous mosques suitable for those who are muslims and interested in muslim culture of China. Your local guide will take you to visit Great Mosques, Xiaopiyuan Mosque, Muslim Quarter and more. Hotel/train station pickup and drop-off included

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From $65 p/p

Most Asked Questions & Answers about Xian Private Tours

1. How far is it from Xian airport to Terracotta Warriors?

The driving distance from Xian airport to Terracotta Warriors is around 67km (29.5 miles). If you want to get to Terracotta Warriors from the airport, you can either choose taxi or shuttle bus, it takes around one and half an hour or two hours. If you travel Xian with a big family and many luggage, Xian Private Tour not only offers tour packages, also car rental service. Feel free to contact us if you want book the transfer service.

2. How can I get to Terracotta Warriors from Xian airport?

Option 1: By Bus. Take shuttle bus to get to Terracotta Army is the cheapest way. At first, take a shuttle bus to Lingtong district at the first floor of ground transportation center at T3, when you get off at Lingtong, change to Bus No. 914 to Bingmayong Station, so you can reach Terracotta Warriors. It costs around CNY 35 and takes around two hours.

Option 2: By Taxi. If you have luggage and want to get to Terracotta Warrior from Xian Xianyang Airport easier, you can take a taxi at the airport. There are fixed taxi stands where you can find legal and licensed taxis at the Exit Arrival of T1, Exit 211 of T2, and 1st floor of Ground Transportation Center (GTC) of T3. Normally it costs around CNY 180 and takes around one and half an hour.

3. Is there any places to buy food on this Half Day Xian Terracotta Warriors Tour?

Yes, you can find some local Chinese restaurants, KFC and CVS there. Our half day terracotta tour is 100% flexible, you can explore the site at your pace. In addition, if you want to eat lunch or dinner before return to your Xian hotel or Xian train station, please feel free to let our guide know it, our guide will recommend you some good local restaurants that served authentic Xian food. There is no extra fee.

4. We booked a hotel near the Xian North Railway Station, if we book 2 days Xian tour with Terracotta Warriors, can you still pick up and drop off at our hotel though we are not downtown?

Yes, the pickup and drop-off service can be arranged at your hotel, but there will be extra charge since your hotel is not in Xian downtown, the Xian North Railway Station is around 25km from Xian downtown. For 5-seat private vehicle, the extra fee is 25USD. The prices of different types of vehicle are different, you can tell us more details by email, we will tailor made your own tour for you accordingly to your requirements.

5. We plan to fly from Beijing to Xian in the morning and take half day tour to terracotta warriors, can you arrange for us for picking up and dropping off at the airport?

Pickup and drop-off at the airport for the Terracotta Warriors can be arranged. When you book the Xian tour with us, please let us know your Beijing to Xian flight No., our guide will wait you at the exit of the airport. By the way, we also provide private transfer service between Beijing hotel and Beijing airport. An All Inclusive package tour can make your Beijing to Xian tour easier and hassle-free.

6. How to rent a bike on Xian Ancient City Wall?

To see the entire wall and its surroundings, highly suggest you rent a bike. Single and tandem bikes can be rented from a stall by the South Gate entry point or several other locations along the wall. Rental for a tandem bike cost 90 CNY (13.32 USD) for 2 hours with a 300 CNY (~44.50 USD) deposit that you get back when you return the bike. You can return the bike at any of the bike rental locations atop the wall. At a leisurely pace, biking the entirety of the city wall takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

7. Is it possible for us to get picked at Hyatt Regency hotel and then dropped to the airport in Xi'an after the tour? Which tour package should I book for this?

All our Xian tour package can be customizable. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby and drop you off at the airport after finished all attractions. We highly recommend SKIP THE LINE: Xian History & Culture Tour with Terracotta Warriors. This tour covers the top Xian highlights, let you visit the essence of Xian just in one day.

8. Is vegetarian food an option on this all inclusive Xian day tour?

Definitely yes! Xian is a food paradise and there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants. During this tour, you don't need to worry about anything when you eating, you guide will give you a whole range of perfect solutions if you'd like to focus on a meat-free trip.

9. May I know if there is a weight restriction on the plank walk? If the harnesses were meant for americans?

No weight restriction, everyone can walk this trail. The Huashan Plank Walk is world's most dangerous hike, it is not very wide, one misstep and you fall 2155m. Complete focus is very important! To keep safety, before you walk on the plank walk, you are given a little harness to wear with two hooks to attach to the chains, it is not only for americans, but for everyone.

10. My flight from Beijing to Xian arrives at 10:00am, is there a later tour for my family?

The Most Recommended Half Day Terracotta Warriors Tour is what we highly recommend according to your time schedule. Pickup service can be arranged at the Xian Xianyang Airport, it takes around one hour to reach the Terracotta Army, and takes around 3-4 hours for sightseeing, you'll have enough time to explore the site. If you only want to see city highlights, you can book half day Xian city tour with Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall and Muslim Quarter. By the way, we provide transfer service from Beijing hotel to Beijing International Airport and air ticket booking service as well. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

11. Can we request Halal/Muslim meal during the tour?

Halal/Muslim food is available during the tour. The ancient China Silk Road exposed Xian to an influx of goods, cultures and religions. It was in Xi'an that the largest Muslim community was formed. Thus, you can find the authentic Halal/Muslim food in Xian, you guide will give you good recommendations on spot.

12. We are interested in your Xian History & Culture Tour with Terracotta Warriors on 10th Oct, but we would like to visit also Muslim Quarter. Would it be possible to customize the tour to include it?

All our Xian tours can be customizable. The Muslim Quarter can be included in this tour if you want, but it night make your day tour a little bit tight, as the Terracotta Warriors is not in Xian downtown, it takes around 40 minutes for one way driving. There is no entrance fee for Muslim Quarter, if you still have time left after finished all the sites, you guide will take you to Muslim Quarter, no extra charge, or you can visit Muslim Quarter to replace one of the attractions. Please advise.

13. Can we go to Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall and Muslim Quarter on 19th Nov. For 4 persons?

Yes, The one day Xian private tour to Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall and Muslim Quarter is daily available. You can click "Enquiry Now" or send us an email for booking, we will send you the quotation and tour details within 2 hours. For the confirmation of the tour, we require 20% of the total payment via PayPal,etc in advance and the balance you can pay our guide in cash.

14. I'm interested in your Xian day tour of city highlights, I want start the tour at early morning, so I can arrive at the Terracotta Warriors before the crowds arrive. Is that something you can do?

Well noted your requirements. This Xian day tour of city highlights is 100% flexible for you. You can start the tour at early morning, the opening hours of Terracotta Warriors is from 8:00AM to 18:00PM, if you want to skip the crowds, we recommend you can start the tour at 7:00am or 7:30am and visit Terracotta Army as your first destination. Please advise.

15. Is there a queue to enter into Terracotta Warriors.

The busy season to Terracotta Warriors is from May to October. Sometimes there is a queue to enter into the site. We offer the SKIP THE LINE Terracotta Warriors tour, help you skip the crowds and explore the history and culture of ancient China without any hassles of booking transportation and entrance ticket.

16. What's the best way to do a 1 day Huashan tour from Xian?

Huashan is around 130km from Xian downtown. Bullet train is the best way to do the Huashan day tour from Xian, only takes 36 minutes for one way, and bullet train in China is fast, clean and convenient. It's suitable for those who have little luggage. If you travel with a big family and have many luggage, you can visit Huashan from Xian by car, which takes around one and half an hour, but the price compare to bullet train will cost more. Please advise.

17. Hi, we are looking for a half day Xian tour. We are arriving at 11:24 and leaving again on the G90 at 18:24 to return to Beijing. Do you have any tour options that will suit us?

Well noted your train details. There are many tour options that suit for you, such as half day Xian terracotta warriors tour, Xian dumpling or noodles making tour, Xian history & culture day tour with terracotta warriors, Xian half day tour to big wild goose pagoda & shaanxi history museum and much more. Please advise.

18. I'll travel to Xian with my family in Oct. to visit the terracotta warriors. Is this a peak season for the site?

The peak season to visit the terracotta warriors is from May to Oct. We recommend you travel to Xian after 10th Oct. so you can avoid the crowds as we just finished the public holiday, people return back to office after 7th Oct. Please remember, do not travel China during 1st-7th Oct if possible, since it's Chinese national holiday, most of people are on holiday, which means everywhere in China will be crowded.

19. Is there any chance to get a guide who speaks German? Will the guide come into Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum with us to guide us?

We have German speaking tour guide. All our guides are well trained and professional, the guide will accompany you from the morning to the end during the tour, when you visit the Terracotta Warriors and other attractions, our guide will share the information, history, culture, and interesting stories of the sites to you. Our tours are flexible so you'll have enough time to explore the site.

20. We will have three free days in Beijing after fair, and we are thinking about to visit Terracotta Warriors. What can you suggest?

Besides Xian local tours, we offers a variety of Beijing Xian tour packages. Since you have three free days in Beijing, the 3 Days Xian Classic Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train is very suitable for you. This Xian tour from Beijing covers the best part of Xian including top Xian attractions. In addition, we can help you book Beijing Xian train tickets, transfer service between Beijing hotel and Beijing train station and much more.

21. Which western style hotel do you recommend? I am planning to be there on 18th Nov. I would like also to do something the next day, then I have a train from Xian to chengdu. Please advise.

Well noted your requirements. For the day tour in Xian, we highly recommend our SKIP THE LINE: Xian History & Culture Tour with Terracotta Army, after the tour ends, we will drop you off at Xian train station. As for western style hotel, there are a plenty of good hotels in Xian, followings are nice western hotels for your references:

Fairfield By Marriott (Xi'an North Railway Station)
Hilton Xi'an
Jinmao Hotel Xi'an
Merlinhod Hotel (Xi'an Bell and Drum Towers)
Grand Noble Hotel Xi'an
ET House (Xi'an Bell Drum Towers)
Sheraton Xi'an North City Hotel

By the way, we provide Chengdu tours from Xian as well, feel free to contact us if you need our service.

22. Can I visit Huashan in 1 Day tour from Xian?

Yes, one day Xian tour to Huashan mountain is possible. You can choose either by bullet train or by car that starts and ends in Xian. Bullet train is highly recommend since bullet train in China is very clean, fast and convenient, most of all, it's much cheaper than visit Huashan mountain by car. Please advise.

23. I transit at Xian for 24 hours and I plan to join a Xi'an day tour, is it possible?

Of course yes. We specialized in Xian layover tours. The Terracotta Army tour from Xian with round-way airport transfer is perfect for you, an English speaking tour guide, air-conditioned vehicle, entrance fee of Terracotta Army museum, airport pickup and drop off are all included.

24. Can I bring a wheelchair/stroller during the tour?

At most attractions in Xian, the wheelchair/stroller is accessible. But some attractions are not very convenient for that, such as ancient city wall, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, etc. Your guide will help you manage this during the tour to make your Xian trip enjoyable and worry free.

25. What is the best way to travel Xian if I want to explore the city on my own?

Get the comprehensive Xian travel guide before you plan a trip to Xian can helps you travel Xian easy. Xian is one of the top holiday destinations in China and rich in numerous of historical and cultural sites, such as Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Ancient City Wall and more. The city transportation of Xian is very convenient, you can explore most of top attractions by subway, city bus or taxi. As for Famen Temple, Huangdi Mausoleum and other attractions that not in Xian downtown, we recommend you book car rental servise or a package day tour with round-way transfer service, which can make you travel Xian with none of hassles.

26. What to see on Mount Huashan?

Huashan is one of the five great sacred mountains in China and is the most famous of them, mostly because of the difficult route. Mount Huashan is considered one of most sacred and Taoist temples at its foot were a frequent destination for pilgrimages to ancient rulers. Huashan has five distinct peak. Followings are the top highlights.

1). East, known as solar peak is 2090 meters high and is a popular spot for visitors who stop there and watch the sunrise.
2). West tip named Lotus, is 2086 meters high. It has the unique shape and is one of the most steep and dangerous places on the mountain.
3). The Northern peak is called Celestial terrace and is 1613 meters high. Three of its sides are too dangerous to climb, and the fourth is so dangerous that climbers should snuggle their bodies to rock not to fall. It is suitable for those who like hiking.
4). The Southern peak is the highest in all five sacred mountains with its 2160 meters. Although the climb to the top is very dangerous, panoramic views, lush greenery and unique challenge attract tourists from all over the world.

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