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Popular China City Tours

Travel to China is getting more and more popular in the worldfor the last few decades, since the open policy had been implemented in 1978. China boasts a large number of wonderful attractions sites including antique sites and relics in Xian, the glorious ancient architectures in Beijing, the capital of China, Chinese gardens with the splendid landscapes in Suzhou, unique water towns and diversified customes in Hangzhou and Shanghai, breakthtaking sceneries in Guilin, all of which make China become popular and the third country of the wotld's most-watched and hottest outbound tourist markets. 

There is a prediction shows that China will become the largest tourist country and fourth largest for overseas travel until 2020. At present, for the classical tourist places including Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Xiamen, etc. Below are the most popular China city tours for travelers who want to visit China.

Beijing, formerly romanized as Peking, is the capital of China and the world's third most populous city proper. It is also one of the world's most populous capital cities. As a city combining both modern and traditional architecture, Beijing is an ever-changing megacity rich in history but also truly modern, which has global influence in Politcs, business, history, culture, architecture and arts. As the last of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Beijing's history can be dates back to 3,000 years, has been the political center of the country for much of the past eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs, walls and gates. Its art treasures and universities have made it center of culture and art in China. 

Britannica notes that "few cities in the world have served for so long as the political headquarters and cultural centre of an area as immense as China." Now Beijing is famous for Great Wall, as the saying goes, one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true hero. Without visiting the Great Wall, no trip to this city or the country is complete. Beijing has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, besides the great wall, there are the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, as well as parts of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, all popular locations for tourism. Siheyuans, the city's traditional housing style, and hutongs, the narrow alleys between siheyuans, are major tourist attractions and are common in urban Beijing. The city hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics and was chosen to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the first city to ever host both Winter and Summer Olympics. Besides, it's home to the headquarters of most of China's largest state-owned companies. It is a must-visit city when travelers first come to China. 

Shanghai: Starting from a fishing village opened up 1842, Asia's leading city in the 1920s and 1930s dubbed as "Paris of the East", today Shanghai enjoyed the fame of the strongest economic engine of China, it become one of the world's largest metropolitan cities, which best shows where China is headed in the 21th century as well as a museum of East meeting West on Chinese soil. There is no other place like Shanghai that can show the past, present and future of China in such a concrete way - the colonial architecture essence at the Bund and French Concession, unparalleled birds-eye city view on the top of the Jinmao Tower, the old Shanghai lifestyle in the hidden alleys around Tian Zi Fang – a carefully designed Shanghai tour will let you taste all the flavor that Shanghai has to offer.

Chengdu is the capital of 'Heavenly State' (Tian Fu Zhi Guo), habitat of giant pandas and city of cotton-rose hibiscus, literally a place richly endowed with natural resources. It is a sub-provincial city which has served as capital of China's Sichuan province, which is one of the three most popular cities in Western China (the other two are Chongqing and Xi'an). Chengdu is an old city with the history of 2,400, its prehistoric settlers included the Sanxingdui culture. Founded by the state of Shu prior to its incorporation into China, Chengdu is unique as a major Chinese settlement that has maintained its name (nearly) unchanged throughout the imperial, republican, and communist eras. It was the capital of Liu Bei's Shu during the Three Kingdoms Era, as well as several other local kingdoms during the Middle Ages. 

Chengdu is rich in tourists resources, has many magnificent would historical and cultural heritages. It's the home of Panda, the giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre is located in Chengdu. In additional it has profound historical and cultural background featuring historic places of interest such as the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu , Wuhou Memorial Temple and Wenshu Monastery , etc, natural beauty abounds in surrounding areas such as in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area and Huang Long Valley (Yellow Dragon Valley).

Hangzhou: With the history of over 2200 years since the county administration was established in Qin Dynasty, Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient national capitals in China is endowed with time-honored history, breathtaking scenery and rich culture, which is reputed as the most beautiful and elegant city in the world. Hangzhou is best-known for its West Lake which has been eulogized over the centuries in both songs and poems. Marco Polo once wrote, 'indeed a voyage on this lake offers more refreshment and delectation than any other experience on earth'. In addition, some other attractions like Qiandao Lake and Lingyin Temple also entice tourists greatly. As a famous saying goes, "Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou." With its unparalleled beauty, it appeals numerous travel addicts home and abroad to pay a visit annually.

Suzhou: Described by Marco Polo as one of the most beautiful cities in China, the Garden City, Suzhou is also known as "Venice of the East". There is an old saying goes "Just as there is a heaven up above, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth" which is known by everyone lives in China. Tracking back to 2,500 years ago, Suzhou was the origin of Wu Culture which is one of the most famous ancient culture in China. For a very long period of time, Suzhou had gained herself a prominent position in China's history. Suzhou, is especially famous for its beautiful and elegant gardens which are the enduring images of traditional China known by western people. The bamboos, pine trees, odd-shape rockeries, water ponds with lotus and zigzagging corridors are the basic components to form ornamental gardens. Only one hour drive from Shanghai, 

Suzhou is definitely a great area to explore with all different kinds of sightseeing attractions, and an ideal spot for foreign tourists to get to know more about the Chinese culture and history.

China Water Towns: Water towns in south China, often referred as "Venice of the East". With a history of over 1,000 years, water towns in Suzhou have remained almost unchanged, retaining a genuine atmosphere of antiquity. These water towns are famous for their ancient buildings, bridges, canals, and ways of life that have not changed in centuries. They are idyllic destinations to unwind from the hustle and bustle of China's cities and can offer visitors glimpses into China's ancient past. Travel with us, you will have chance to visit the top water towns of China nearby Suzhou. There are two main reasons for visiting a Suzhou water town. First, life in these water towns seems to have stood still and visitors can still see the unique traditional folk cultures of Southeastern China. Their vicinity to Suzhou makes the tour flexible enough to be extended. It is easy to fall in love with a place where life is still seems traditional and laid-back. If you take the time to visit these water towns, you will be surprised by what you discover.

Huangshan city is most famous to be found in the south of Anhui Province, which is blessed with time-honored history, breathtaking scenery and profound culture, which makes it a great getaway for travel-addicts domestic and abroad. Huangshan occupys 9807 square kilometers in coverage and hosting 1.48 million in population. It was called "Huizhou" in ancient times and was inhabited since seven thousand years ago. Being one of the three most prestigious regional cultures in China, culture of Huizhou is profound in cultural background and rich in connotation, pervading among philosophical, economical, historical artistic and other aspects of the society.

Guilin is China's most picturesque region and has long been one of the world's most famous travel destinations. It is a city in North Guangxi, China. There are many scenic places within short traveling distance of Guilin, what makes it special is its proximity to many picturesque limestone mountains and formations. 

The most famous and also symbol of Guilin is Elephant Trunk Hill.  Reed Flute Cave is full of stalagmites and stalagmites that display striking shapes and colors. The Li River, a scene of which is printed on the back of CNY 20 bank notes, Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is the centerpiece of any trip to Guilin, with hundreds of hills flanking the emerald water, Longsheng with its famous Longji rice terraces, and much more. This makes Guilin an excellent base for exploring Guilin, it's breathtaking scenery has attracted many famous poets and artists for thousands of years. 

Lhasa, the 1,400-year-old capital of Tibet Autonomous region located in its southeast, is among the world's highest-altitude cities. Lhasa is the starting point for tours of Tibet, and has become even more popular since the modernization of its infrastructure. No other destination provides so many unforgettable memories sites than Tibet, such a deeply moving experience. The unique plateau snowy scenery, mysterious religion, the honest Tibetan people, made it a holy place in people's mind. It is one of the most adventurous, scenic and physically demanding trips in the world; through harsh conditions with thin air, sacred mountains, numerous crystal lakes, and remote high altitude deserts. It has so much more to offer tourists, such as holy city of Lhasa; Mt. Everest-highest mountain in the world; Sacred Potala Palace; grand Jokhang Temple; heavenly Namco Lake... In addition, take train to Lhasa is a good choice, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway is one of the best sightseeing routes in China. It provides a breathtakingly beautiful, ever-changing landscape from the Chengdu Plain to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the chance to experience four seasons in one day.

Zhangjiajie is a growing tourist city and famous for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. The splendid landscape of Zhangjiajie features Quartz Sandstone Peak Forest and Karst Caves, which are rare in the world. Here you will find yourself with hundreds of grotesque peaks, beautiful waters, towering trees, deep valleys, marvelous caves and exuberant forest which constitute a complete primitive ecological park. Indeed, Zhangjiajie is a perfect combination of the beauty of Guilin, the grotesqueness of Mount Huang, the peril of Mount Hua and the magnificence of Mount Tai. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of "an enlarged potted landscape", "a miniature fairyland" as well as "a maze endowed by nature", integrating the characteristics of peace, wildness, mystery, beauty, grotesqueness and elegance.

Guangzhouis the China's third-largest city, is the capital of Guangdong Province and a thriving commercial center. Its location on the Pearl River and proximity to Hong Kong has made Guangzhou a strategic port for centuried. While this bustling mainland city appears modern to the core, Guangzhou has a history that stretches back over 2000 years. Be sure to visit Chen Clan, Six Banyan and Guangxiao Temples, along with Zenhai Tower and Yuexiu Park, all of which bear lively witness to the historic and cultural attributes of Guangzhou. Take a private Guangzhou tour to glimpse old temples and gleam steel towers to learn about the city's storied past and modern day culture with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide will be the best choice.

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province of Southwest China, Guiyang is located in the center of the province, situated on the east of the Yunan-Guizhou Plateat. This city features low latitude, high elevation and diversified landforms, it enjoys a warm and moist cliate, which endowed the city with abundant biological resources, as in other Spring Cities; like Kunming, Guiyang is a popular summer resort city in China. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Guiyang has pretty well exviroment.

Guiyang is noted as the "Plateau Pearl", it's the home to a large Mial and Bouyei ethnic monority population represented by various ethinic groups and its special landform-Karst. Guiyang has rich cultural heritage and more natural splendors to offer.

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