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Turpan City Information

Turpan Culture

OverviewTurpan is a bridge between East and West. The city is home to over 200 historical ruins. It is also one of the two largest centers of Uighur culture, which has its own unique cuisine, music, folk dances, religious customs and architecture.FoodTurpan food is pretty rich. Not only are Sichuan ...

Turpan Facts

OverviewTurpan known as the "Land of Fire" due to the intense summer temperature. It’s hot in Turpan. Temperatures reach over 120 degrees in summer and the area is often referred to as China’s Death Valley. Ancient Stop on the Silk Road The Turpan Depression, 180 kilometers southeast of Urumqi in th...

Turpan Maps

Location of TurpanTurpan is located in the northwest part of China.its geographical coordinates are 42° 56' 0" North, 89° 10' 0" East. And it is located to the southeast of Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Turpan is a prefecture, it’s covered an area is 69,700sqkm...

Turpan Weather

OverviewTurpan is the unique warm temperate continental arid desert climate. It heats up rapidly and dissipates heat slowly, forming the five characteristics of long sunshine, high temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, little precipitation and strong wind due to the city l...

Turpan Transportation

OverviewIt is quite convenient to travel to Turpan City. Urumqi Airport is linked with Turpan by a highway, which takes about 2 hours. The Turpan Railway station has opened routes to Urumqi, Korla, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. The road condition in the city is also very good, and two national...

Turpan History

The History of Turpan CityThe earliest inhabitants in Turpan may be an early Indo-European race of tall white people with blue eyes. However, among things through archeological finds and excavations done in the Turpan Prefecture, evidence of their being, culture and achievements have slowly been unc...

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