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Xian China Travel

How to Plan a Xian Trip

Are you a first-time traveller to Xian or have no idea about how to plan a Xian Tour? Actually, it's very important to know Xian city before you arrive, Xian is one of the best places to visit and it was the most important city in ancient China, so making a visit in Xian is pretty essential. Xi’...

17 June 2020

How to get to Xinjiang

Xinjiang is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the biggest provinces in China. Xinjiang borders Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, has abundant oil reserves and is China's largest natural gas-producing region. It is home to a number of different ethnic groups including the Uyghur, Han, Kazakh, Hui, Kyrgyz and Mongol. More than a dozen autonomous prefectures and counties for minorities are located in Xinjiang. Xinjiang attracts lots of tourists since the ancient silk route cross this region. With the development of Xinjiang's tourism industry, the transportation system has also improved.

11 June 2020

How to Get to Dunhuang From Xi'an

Xian to Dunhuang distanceThe distance between Xi'an and Dunhuang is 1418 km. The road distance between xi'an to dunhuang is 1716 Km by road.It takes approximately 4h 56m to get from Xi'an to Dunhuang, including transfers. The quickest flight from Xi An Airport to Dunhuang Airport is the ...

24 April 2020

How to Get to Xian Ancient City Wall

How to get to Xian Ancient City WallFrom Xian Airport to Xian Ancient City Wall1) Take airport shuttle bus "Airport - East Bus Station Line" to Xian downtown, then transfer to city bus No.221 to reach Xian Ancient City Wall; The duration is about 60 mins and costs CNY25/person.2) Take city taxi or b...

22 April 2020

How to Visit Xian City Wall

OverviewXian Ancient City Wall is a fun site to explore in Xian and attracts tens of thousands of tourists come to visit, as the oldest and largest surviving wall of its kind in China. Xian was the one of the ancient capitals in China, and even after the capital was relocated, the city remained the ...

22 April 2020

Where to stay in Xian

Want to Choose the Best Hotels in Xian?Welcome to Xian, the capital of ancient China. With a culture steeped in history and tradition, this is a city unlike any other in China. However, choosing where to stay in Xian is always difficult no matter you are visiting Xian for the first time or for many ...

20 April 2020

How to travel from Xian to Luoyang

OverviewAre you wondering what is the fastest or cheapest way to travel from Xian to Luoyang? Xian is one of the most popular tourist cities in China, i t has many world cultural heritages, such as terracotta warriors and Ancient city walls. Luoyang-an industrial city in east central China. Known as...

16 April 2020

How to visit Huashan Mountain

OverviewHuashan Mountain is one of the top tourist attractions around Xian, and it is one of the most beautiful mountains in China. Huashan Mountain is famous for its natural vista of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags and a high mountain range. Thounsands of tourists travel to Huashan Mounta...

14 April 2020

How to get to Huashan Mountain

OverviewHuashan Mountain is located in Weinan county, a part of the Shaanxi province. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shaanxi. Travelling to the "most precipitous mountain under heaven" in China will be an once in a lifetime experience. Are you looking for how to travel to visit...

14 April 2020

How to travel from Shanghai to Xian

OverviewShanghai and Xian both are popular tourist destinations in China. Xian was an one of ancient capital which located in the northwest of Shanghai city. Travel between Shanghai and Xian is quite easy and convenient as Shanghai and Xian are top holiday destinations in China with the developed tr...

12 April 2020

How to travel from Beijing to Xian

OverviewAre you wondering what is the fastest or cheapest way to travel from Beijing to Xian? Xian is one of the most popular tourist cities around Beijing, and it attracts millions of tourists comr to Xian from Beijing. Actually, it's very easy and convenient travel between Beijing and Xian sin...

12 April 2020

Xi'an Travel FAQS

1. How many days should I stay in Xian, one, two or three days?3 days Xian tour will be the sensible choice. Within 3 days, you can explore the best things to do in Xian in a relaxing and comfortable way. 2 days trip is also ok, but we advise you get to Xian by an early morning flight and departure ...

01 August 2017

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