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Turpan Attractions

Karez Well

OverviewKarez Well is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites in China.It is a special irrigation system in desert areas. There are over 1100 karez well with a total length of about 5000 kilometers in Turpan since it's hottest city in China and known as "Fire State". It is one of three major man-make...

Aiding Lake

OverviewAiding Lake is located in the southwest of Turpan city and it is full of salt shells. At present, its outer circle is lacustrine plain, the surface is hard saline soil, the middle circle is saline swamp, and the bottom is silt. It is difficult for people to enter except in winter. The center...

Turpan Museum

OverviewTurpan Museum was built in 1965 with an area of 17,571 square meters and an exhibition area of 4,278 square meters. Turpan is known as one of the richest open-air archaeological museums in the world. More than 80% of the cultural relics from the Western Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty in the...

The Flaming Mountain

OverviewFlame Mountain is the most famous scenic spot in Turpan. It is located in the northern margin of Turpan Basin and the northern route of the ancient Silk Road.The Flaming Mountains are the hottest places in China, a real furnace. The red sandstone gives the impression of flare in contact with...

Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

OverviewThe Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves which is a complex of Buddhist cave grottos along the silk road. The history can be dated from the 5th to 14th century between the cities of Turpan and Shanshan. It's very close to the Flaming Mountains,and most of the surviving caves date from the West...

Jiaohe Ancient Town

OverviewJiaohe Ancient Town was built 2,300 years ago and its ruins are located along the Silk Road. It is the oldest and most well-preserved native building city in the world. It is also the most complete urban relic preserved in China for more than two thousand years. The Anxi Capital Protectorate...

Grape Valley

OverviewGrape Valley is one of most popular places in Turpan. As Turpan is known as the "Land of Fruits", especially grapes. Turpan grape valley has become a unique tourist spot where visitors come to get refreshed and enjoy the different varieties of grapes. This highly cultivated green valley is l...

Emin Minaret

OverviewThe Emin Minaret or Su Gong Pagoda is the tallest minaret in China, it was built in 1777 during the Qing Dynasty. In order to commemorate the general Emin Khoja and patriot who defended unifying China throughout his life, hence its name "Emin." It is the largest ancient tower in Xinjiang as ...

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