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Terracotta Army Travel Tips

How to get to Terra-cotta Warriors from Xian City

OverviewAs one of the most concerned scenic spots in Xi'an, the Terra-cotta Warriors receive 10 millions of tourists every year, including about 4 million foreign tourists in 2019. Here we provide some useful tips to help you know how to get to Terracotta Warriors from Xian downtown, Xian Airpor...

30 April 2020

The Life of Qin Shi Huang

OverviewQin Shi Huang, Shi Huangti or Shih Huan-ti was the first emperor of a unified China. Shi Huangdi means `First Emperor’ and is a title, not a proper name. The Qin Dynasty he founded (pronounced `Chin’) gave its name to China and it was he who first initiated the building of the Great Wall and...

23 April 2020

History of Qin Dynasty

OverviewThe Qin Dynasty, the first empire in Chinese history, was founded in 230 BC. The leaders of the state of qin should annex six countries and then declare themselves emperor. The empire existed only briefly from 221 to 206 B.C., but the Qin Dynasty had a lasting cultural impact on the dynastie...

23 April 2020

The Terracotta Warriors Facts

What is Terracotta warriorsKnown as "the Eight Wonders of the world", the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum shows a surprisingly high level in sculpture which is listed as the most significant discovery of the 20th century. It is a super large collection of life-size terra cotta sculptures in ba...

22 April 2020

Travel Tips for Visiting Terracotta Warriors

OverviewKnown as "the Eight Wonders of the world", the museum shows a surprisingly high level in sculpture which is listed as the most significant discovery of the 20th century. It is a super large collection of life-size terra cotta sculptures in battle formations, reproducing the mega imperial gua...

20 April 2020

Online Show of Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors museum in China's northwestern city of Xi'an is considered one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.

16 June 2020

Terracotta Warriors Go Online With High-Tech

An online exhibition about the Terracotta Warriors, listed as a wonder of the world, will be launched on Friday on the official website of the China Cultural Center in Sydney, Australia, the Shaanxi Department of Culture and Tourism announced.

15 June 2020

App boosts access to Terracotta Warriors

Visitors to the mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang, where the Terracotta Warriors are displayed, can now access technology that provides user-friendly tourist maps on mobile phones featuring 360-degree panoramic views and even the ability to find one's warrior "twin".

20 August 2019

8 best things to do in Xi'an: Terracotta Warriors and more

Every year, millions of travelers fly to the former capital just to set eyes on the subterranean army, which was painstakingly fashioned from clay more than 2,000 years ago.

24 June 2019

Terracotta Warriors exhibition opens in Liverpool

A decade after the hugely successful exhibition at London's British Museum, the British public will once again be able to view one of the world's greatest archaeological discoveries –the Terracotta Warriors – when they go on display at Liverpool's World Museum on Friday.

15 February 2018

Terracotta Traps: How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Xi’an!

A city teeming with history, culture, tombs and pagodas, Xi'an is a dream for any Chinese history buff. Unfortunately, tourists who stream into the city every year to check out some of the greatest historical sites in China are often targeted by scammers and tricksters. Behind the monuments, warriors and temples there are carefully set traps for thousands of tourists every year. Luckily, these traps and scams can be easily avoided: but only if you know what to look for!

09 October 2017

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