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Xi’an features in a warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. It is characterized by hot, humid summers, cold, dry winters, and dry springs and autumns. The rain season is from July to October; Snow occasionally falls in winter but rarely settles for long. Dust storms often occur during March and April as the city rapidly warms up. Summer months also experience frequent but short thunderstorms. The annual average temperature is 13.4 ?(56.1 °F). See the temperatures page for a monthly breakdown and the fixed scale graph. Average monthly temperatures vary by 26.8 °C (48.2°F). This indicates that the continentality type is continental, subtype sub-continental. In general, the weather in Xi'an is pleasant all year round, but the best time to visit Xi'an is in spring and autumn.

Four seasons in Xi’an

Spring is from March till May. The weather is warm and comfortable. Temperatures climb reaching 20.1°C (68.1°F) generally in the afternoon with overnight lows of 8.6°C (47.5°F), flower blooms. There are occasional dust storms due to the rapid increase of temperatures. A quarter of the area's annual rainfall occurs in spring, however with the pleasant temperature, gentle breezes and warm sunshine. It is one of the best seasons to do your tour in Xian.

Summer is from June to August, the weather becomes hot and humid, The average temperature waves between 15 °C and 26 °C. It is cool in the early morning and evening but hot in the daytime. The maximum temperature often above 34? (93°F). There is much rainfall during July and August, half of Xian's annual rainfall occurs during the summer, covering about 37% of the whole year. You'd better prepare sunglasses, sunscreen cream and umbrella.

Autumn is from September to November, the weather is cool and comfortable. It can be cloudy often, with a fair amount of rain, early autumn is also humid, wet days averagely count 12 days, but in late autumn, it's fine and cool. The monthly average temperatures are respectively 19.6? (67.3 °F), 13.8? (56.8 °F) and 6.8? (44.2 °F), along with obvious and quick decline. It decreases achieving average highs of 18.7°C (65.7°F) during the day and lows of 9.4°C (48.9°F) generally shortly after sunrise.

Winter is from December to February, the weather is cold and dry. There are occasional snowfalls, but they rarely settle for long. Snow covers the palaces, ancient city wall and pagodas, which is very beautiful. In the winter time records indicate temperatures by day reach 6.2°C (43.2°F) on average falling to -3°C (26.7°F) overnight. The lowest monthly average temperature of -o.5? (31.1 °F), despite the might-be -10? (14°F) during the cold spell. There will be a few ski resorts in the city and you can join a skiing tour.

Best Time to visit Xi’an 
The weather in Xi'an is pleasant all year round, but the best time to visit Xi'an is in spring and autumn with its mild temperature. With warm sunshine and gentle breeze, have a leisure walk or biking on the Ancient City Wall to feel more ancient features of the city and you can enjoy the flower blooms, it is an exercising paradise for all walks of people. In autumn, biking in the old part of the city is also a good choice, it's cool and pleasant. Besides, when various folk festivities, like Mid-Autumn festival, you can have a chance to celebrate an authentic festival in China and try delicious mooncake.

Travel Tips:
Temperature is moderate, but it is a little cool with rains. You should prepare a thin coat, trousers, long sleeve and sweater. Spring 

Temperature in summer is usually above 30 degrees, with strong sunshine. You can take Sun cream, trousers, sunglasses, hats, T-shirts with skirts, shorts or slascks and umbrella since Summer is the rainy season, especially in May and June.

Autumn is windy and cool. Temperature difference is a little large. You'd better take thick coat, sweater(Backup), T-shirt, trousers, umbrella

The lowest temperature in winter can be between 5-20 degrees. Winter is cold and moist, especially in January, but can still be very pleasant when the sun is out. Prepare coat is a good choice, trousers, long sleeve and woolen sweater.

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