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Kashgar Attractions

Kashgar Sunday Market

OverviewKashgar Sunday Market is an international market in the westmost city-Kashgar, it conect the central and west Aisa. It is also referred to as East Gate Bazaar. The market covers an area with 0.17 square kilometers, boasts 21 professional markets and more than 5,000 stable stalls, with a stre...

Kashgar Stone City

OverviewKashgar Stone City was famous for its location. It was a ancient significant castle at the junction of the middle route and southern route of the ancient Silk Road. The Stone City is also the place where roads from Kashgar, Shache, Yingjisha and Yecheng to the Pamirs meet. By visit the stone...

Taklamakan Desert

OverviewThe Taklamakan Desert also known as the "Place of Runis" & "Sea of Death", it is the largest desert in China with an size 1000KM long & 400KM wide. Located between the Tianshan Mounatin & Kunlun Mountain ranges. The desert is a waterless death trap,experience an average annual ra...

Kashgar Zhiren Handicrafts Street

OverviewZhiren Street is the street featured with Kashgar local handicrafts. Kashgar has a long history of producting handicrafts, and enjoys a high reputation of "the Centre of Folk Handicraft”. These handicrafts are not only popular in kashgar, but also popular in West Asia and Europe though the a...

Shipton's Arch

OverviewShipton's Arch one of popular tourist spots in Kashgar. It is highest natural stone arch in the world. It was first found by a journalist from America in 1932. Later,the British Explorer Shipton discovered here again in 1947.It is a wonderland for tourists and explorers because it is bui...

Karakul Lake

OverviewKarakul Lake is located in the Pamir Mountains in the Tajik National Park. It is the highest lake in China and one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the World.Karakul Lake is one of the most frequently visited tourist places around Kashgar.The lake is famous for its fanciful landscap...

Kashgar Livestock Market

OverviewOne of the essential livestock markets in Central Asia, the Kashgar market is also one of the oldest as it dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Though the market is open every day, the Sunday market is by far the most impressive. Livestock Market is mainly for cattle, sheep, camels, mule...

Apak Hoja Tomb

OverviewApak Hoja Tomb is located in the east part of Kashgar city. In 1640, the Apak Hoja family built this tomb for themselves. As the largest Islamic mausoleum in China, the Apak Hoja Tomb covers an area of 20,000 square meters, composed of gate tower, great mosque, small mosque, scripture hall a...

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