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Mosted Asked Questions about Terracotta Army

How long does it take to visit the Terracotta Warriors?

Normally, it takes around 3 hours to visit the Terracotta Warriors for the first time travellers, the whole scenic area is consisted of three pits and one exhibition hall, you will have chance to visit the Pit 1, Pit 2 and Pit 3. Among them, Pit 1 is the most impressive one which you can take a little more time there. If you want to know more about the history of Terracotta Warriors, there is a small museum for you to visit. It is also available visit all the place within one hour if you have limited time.

I am planing a trip to Xian during Chinese New Year, will the Terracotta Warriors be closed?

The Terracotta Warriors is open all year round, so it is available during Chinese New Year. If you are planning to visit the Terracotta Warriors during the Chinese holiday, you will may feel crowded since lots of domestic tourists also travel around during their holidays. You'd better start your tour eariler.

Is the wheelchair accessible in Terracotta Warriors and Museum? One of senior in our group has walking problem.

Yes, the wheelchair is available in Terracotta Warriors scenic area, this museum is designed to be friendly to wheelchair users which equipped with barrier-free access, and shared golf carts running from the parking lot to the entrance.You can rent a wheelchair at the Visitor Center, the staff also will help you if you needed. The staff know where the elevators are but you will follow the flow of the crowd. It will be more diffcult to push around when crowded.

I'm an American citizen, is it possible to buy tickets online or to make a reservation for Terracotta Warriors?

Yes, the official website provides online ticket booking service, but only in Chinese. It's diffcult for foreigners, means you can't buy tickets or make reservation online If you can't understand Chinese, you can ask help for someone who knows Chinese. The best way is book the ticket at ticket office once you arrive.

I will land in Xian Xianyang Airport at 11:00, how can I travel to Terracotta Warriors from airport directly?

There are several ways to get to Terracotta Warriors from airport: 1) Take airport shuttle bus to reach Xian Railway Station, it takes 1 hour from airport to Xian railway station, then transfer to tourist bus No.306 to Terracotta Warriors. The whole journey takes around 2 hours from airport to Terracotta Warriors by this route; 2) You can also take airport shuttle bus to Lintong, and then take bus Lintong No.101 to the Terracotta Warriors about 15 minutes; 3) Take city taxi or book a private transfer from airport to visit Terracotta Warriors directly. If you arrive at noontime, you'd better take taxi or private vehicle to visit Terracotta Warriors.

How much cost for the Terracotta Warriors tickets? Any discount for children?

The entrance fee for Terracotta Warriors is CNY120 for low season (Dec.-Feb.), CNY150 for peak season (Mar.-Nov.). It also has discount price for children, free for children who under 1.2m; Half price for children above 1.2m under 1.5m; If they are study in China, you can get the discount price with student ID Card. 

What are the opening hours of the Terracotta Warriors? Will it be too late to depart from the Xian city at 12:30pm?

You will have enough time to visit, it takes around 1 hour from Xian downtown to Terracotta Warriors. The opening hours for the scenic area is 08:30-18:00 (Mar. to Nov.) & 08:30-17:30(Dec. to Feb.). You will have 2 to 3 hours to explore the Terracotta Warriors.

Could you let us know when is the best time to visit Terracotta Wariors & Museum? And how to avoid crowds?

Actually, you can visit this place all year around since it's not a outdoor attraction, but is always busy because it's the most famous attraction in Xian, attracts lots of tourists come here to visit daily, especially Labor Day, National Day, Spring Festival. If you travel during these time, you'd better start your tour earlier than unsual,try to arrive there before the large group come; Make reservation in advance to skip the line for purchase the tickets; Or you can book a tour directly, our local guide will know how to aviod the crowds and have his/her way to make your Terracotta Warriors tour easily.

We plan to visit Terracotta Warriors directly once we arrive at Xian north railway station, is there any free luggage storage service?

Yes, there is. It is possible to keep your luggage when sightseeing there. On the left side of the Ticketing Office is the Tourist Information Center, you will find the place for the free luggage storage service. Please take the improtant personal belongs with you during the tour, such as cash, passport, Camera, phone etc.

Can you arrange a Private Terracotta Warriors Tour that picked up from Xian hotel? We are staying at Xian Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Yes, we can arrange Xian priavet tour to visit Terracotta Warriors from Xian Hyatt Regency hotel, or any hotels in Xian. The tour is a private and customized tour includes professional tour guide service, comfortable vehicle transfer, hotel pick up service and entrance fee. Pick up from your hotel by our guide, drive you to visit the Terracotta Warriors & Museum, drive you back to your hotel after the tour. The tour is 100% flexible, you can decide what time that you want to start the tour and let your guide know your requirements during the tour.

Is photography allowed in Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum?

Yes, taking photo is allowed when you are visiting the public area of Terracotta Warriors. One thing you need to pay attention to is that you can not use flash off lights and tripod.

Where can i buy a figure of Terracotta Warrior as a souvenir bring back home?

Terracotta Warrior replicas are very popular for tourists, as a souvenir take back home. They can be found easily in Xian, such as Terracotta Warriors Museum Gift Shop, Muslim Quarter and Xian airport, train station. You can find the cheap one and expensive one, you also find them with different appearances, such as handsome, ugly, fat, slim, young and old. Normally, the price will lower in Xian downtown than Airport or train station.


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