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Top Things to See in Lanzhou

Post Date: 2020/03/16 09:52
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Are you wondering is worth taking a trip to visit Lanzhou city? There is no doubt that Lanzhou must be visited when you visit the Northwest China. It's different from some guide books say, is actually a city that is worth visiting. Lanzhou is a modern, clean, and peaceful city filled with history.
Lanzhou is the capital and largest city in Gansu Province which is located in the upstream of famous Yellow River. Lanzhou is a city with a long history and it plays an important role in the ancient silk road. In the history, Lanzhou was certainly a crucial hub and commercial centre at that time for linking the major cities of the Western Regions with inland China.

There are plenty of historical relics and brilliant cultural heritages in Lanzhou since the ancient silk road cross Lanzhou. The silk road is the main reason for tourists to come to Lanzhou. What's more,the city is surrounded by mountains and waters, forming a unique and beautiful urban landscape, such as Five Spring Mountain Park, Yellow River.And a number of pleasant night markets in Lanzhou city center to explore.

Top tourist attractions in Lanzhou as below:

White Pagoda Park
White Pagoda Mountain Park.pngWhite Pagoda Mountain Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lazhou City. It is located at the nortern bank of Yellow River.It has long been a natural barrier of Lanzhou. The White Pagoda Mountain Park is famous for its white and the mountain where the park is located also boasts the elephant-skin drum, bronze bell and redbub tree, which are the so-called "three treasures of the town." Tourists enjoy an excellent bird-eye view of Lanzhou from the park.

Location: No.1 Baita Mountain, Beibinhe Middle Road, Chengguan District,Lanzhou
Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 6:30AM-20:30PM(peak season); 7:00AM-19:00PM(low season)
How to get there:
1) Take city bus No.20,35,53,108,122,131 and get off at the White Pagoda Park Station
2)  Take city bus No.4, 6, 9, 15, 25, 74,105, 109, 123, 142 and get off at Zhongshan Bridge Station; Cross the Zhongshan Iron Bridge. you will reach the entrance of White Pagoda Mountain
3) Take Taxi

Zhongshan Iron Bridge
Night View along the Zhongshan Iron Bridge.pngZhongshan Iron Bridge is one of landmark of Lanzhou city.Zhongshan Bridge is the first bridge built which completely goes over the Yellow River it is also named the First Bridge over the Yellow River.Before its construction, there was a bateau bridge named Zhenyuan Bridge, which had been built in 1398. In 1907, engineers from Belgium, Germany and the U.S., together with local workers, jointly built the sturdy and durable iron bridge. In honor of Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), a great Chinese revolutionary, the bridge was renamed Zhongshan Bridge in 1942 and has witnessed the vicissitudes along the Yellow River over the past century.

Location: On the north side of the middle Binhe Road,Chengguan District,Lanzhou
Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All day
How to get there:
1) From southern shore of Yellow River: Take city bus No.4, 6, 9, 15, 25, 74,105, 109, 123, 142 and get off at Zhongshan Bridge Station;
2) From Northern shore of Yellow River: Take city bus No.20, 35, 53, 108,131 and get off at the White Pagoda Park Station
3) Take Taxi

Five Springs Mountain Park
Five Springs Mountain Park_01.jpgFive Springs Park is located in the southern part of Lanzhou city. It is the largest park in Lanzhou with an area of 266,400 square meters.It is the most popular park by tourists and locals since the tranquil and beautiful scenery with lush forest, gurgling springs, a lot of ancient temples in this park. There are five springs inside the park, hence the name "Five Springs Mountain Park".
The park with a long history over 2000 years. Furthermore,the park is a conservation area, since it includes few ancient temples, old-time bridge, and other landmarks in its territory.

Location: No.103 of Wu Quan South Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City
Entrance Fee: 5CNY
Opening Hours: 6:30AM-18:30PM; You should enter the park before 6:00PM
How to get there: 1) Take the city bus No.123 or No. 146 to reach; 2) Take taxi from your hotel to the park directly

Xiguan Mosque
Xiguan Mosque.jpgLanzhou Xiguan Mosque is one of the grand mosques in China. Located in the west of Xiguan Street, Lanzhou City. It is not only an important place for local Lanzhou Muslims to do prayers and attend religious activities but also has held religious schools, which has trained many Muslim scholars and has made great contribution to the development of Lanzhou Islamic education and culture. It receives thousands of Muslims every year to do prayer there. It was first built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and very recently rebuilt in 1990. Xiguan Mosque demonstrates the architecture of Arabic mosque design.

Location: No.1 Cuiyingmen, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City
Entrance Fee
: 10CNY
Opening Hours
: 8:00AM-19:00PM
How to get there
1) Take city bus No.302, get off at Ma Jia Po Station
2) Take city bus No.1,4,6,15,18,31,33,44,50,56,58,get off at Xi Guan Shi Zi Station
3) Take Taxi

Yellow River Mother Sculpture
Yellow River Mother Statue.pngThe statue is one of the famous landmark of Lanzhou city. It is located in the middle of the Binhe Road on the south bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou and was created by the sculptor Ms. He E. The Yellow River mother sculpture is composed of "mother" and "baby boy", which symbolize the mothers of the Yellow River who feed the Chinese nation, the unyielding and indomitable, and the happy Chinese grandchildren. The base of the sculpture is engraved with water ripples and fish patterns, which are the original patterns derived from ancient painted pottery in Gansu.

Location: Middle Section of Binhe Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City,(North of Xiaoxihu Park)
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: All Day
How to get there: 1) Take city bus No. 25 or No.142, get off at Yellow Mother Station(Huang He Mu Qin in Chinese); 2) Take city bus No.15,105,109, get off at waterwheel Garden Station; 3) Take Taxi

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