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Lanzhou FAQS

Post Date: 2020/03/13 17:13
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Where should I stay when I visit Lanzhou city?
If you're a first time visitor to Lanzhou, you might prefer a more touristy area, but if you're a solo traveler, a local neighborhood could be more interesting.Some areas have lots of things to do within walking distance, but the hotels may be more expensive.Popular Neighborhoods in Lanzhou as below:
1)Chengguan District - the downtown district and the city's commercial hub, it's noted for its good hotels and restaurants and Lanzhou Railway Station.
2)Anning District - this northwestern neighborhood has a high student population and is home to Lanzhou Jiaotong University and Northwest Normal University.
3)Qilihe District - lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River. Attractions include Xihu Park and the Yellow River Mother statue, which is the symbol of Lanzhou.

Is there any hotels in Lanzhou are popular for budget travelers?
If you travel on a budget,there are some express hotels are highly recommended.They are clean, cheap and equipped with in-house fast internet. Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province but less developed provinces compared to other provinces in China, Lanzhou doesn’t possess many luxury hotels. At the time of my writing, no international chain hotels are available in the city of Lanzhou. In the past few years, Lanzhou has seen the fast growing of express hotels such Hanting Inn and Hotels, Jinjiang Inn, Home Inn, Green Tree Inn…

Do the hotel staff in Lanzhou speak English?
Lanzhou is a less-developed city in China so English is not very common in Lanzhou. In the 5 star hotels, the staffs are well-trained in Speaking English, especially the Reception. The hotels will put a clear Chinese & English sign in the hotel which above 4 stars, there are travel guides in English in the hotel. Most hotel staff speak some simple English for the basic communication.Please don' t worry that they will also use translation Application. By the way, you can let the tour guide know if you have any questions or need any help.

Is the credit card payment available in Lanzhou hotel?
Cash is still more widely used in Lanzhou than credit cards,especially in smaller restaurant, shops,some hotels and outside of more touristy areas. So it's important to bring some cash with you. But some places like 4star or 5star hotels in Lanzhou, upscale restaurants, and foreign brand-name stores accept credit cards.

What is the famous food in Lanzhou?
The food in Lanzhou is quite unique compared to that of central China, having been influenced by ethnic groups - especially the Hui people. Besides the beef noodles, there are local delicacies that cannot be tasted in other places, as well as Sichuan cuisines, hotpot, and western food. Lanzhou is known for its pulled beef noodles. It seriously seems like there’s a Lanzhou noodle joint on every corner in China. A big bowl of these will fill you up and usually only costs around $1.50 or so. No wonder it’s so popular! While the noodles are amazing, there’s lots more to eat here.

Can I get halal restaurant in Lanzhou?
There are many halal restaurants in Lanzhou city. Lanzhou is one of famous place for Halal food in China since it was an important stop on the ancient silk road and many people came here from Central Asian,it is one of the largest community of Hui people in China.
Halal food has a long history in China. The arrival of Arabian and Persian merchants during the Tang and Song dynasty seen the introduction of the Muslim diet. Chinese Muslim cuisine adheres strictly to the Islamic dietary rules with mutton and lamb being the predominant ingredient.

When is the best month travel to Lanzhou?
According to the seasonal variations in Lanzhou,spring and summer are short, while autumn and winter have relatively long period.the best time to travel to Lanzhou is from Many to October. During this period, the temperature is most suitable for sightseeing. If you are interested in local Lanzhou folk culture,you plan travel to Lanzou during winter since many festivals will be hold in Lanzhou.

What are the local specialties of lanzhou?
Lanzhou is a good place to buy some local products and handcrafts bring back home. They are many local products come from Gansu Province can be found in Lanzhou city. Such as Tao Ink Stone(It's one of four famous Ink Stone in China),Yongdeng Shadow Puppet,Sanpaotai(the most famous tea in Lanzhou).

What are the must see places in Lanzhou for first time traveller?
Lanzhou, with its long history, brilliant culture and abundant natural resources, is the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in the northwest of China. Lanzhou boasts many tourist attractions such as Five-spring Mountain, White Pagoda Mountain Park, Bingling Thousand-Buddha Caves, Yellow River Mother Sculpture etc.

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