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Huashan Mountain


Brief Introduction
Mount Hua is located in the east of Xian, a city named Huayin in Shaanxi province. It is the western mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China, and has a long history of religious significance. Mt. Hua is one of the five sacred mountains in China. It features with it's natural vista of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags and a high mountain range. There are five main peaks in Mount.Hua and has it's own distinctive characteristic,the five peaks are the representative attractions. East Peak is the ideal place to enjoy the sunrise; South Peak has the highest altitude; West Peak is the most elegant; North Peak is famous as the Cloud Terrace Peak and Middle Peak is also called Jade Lady Peak. The Mountain is also home to several influential Taoist temples, where many emperors belief in Taoism and they took part in Taoist activities and sacrificed to the god of mountain, making it a holy place of Taoism. Known as “the Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven”.


The History of Mt.Hua 
In the begining of the 2nd century BCE, there was a Daoist temple located here known as the Shrine of the Western Peak. Daoists believed that in the mountain lives the god of the underworld. The temple at the foot of the mountain was often used for spirit mediums to contact the god and his underlings. It's different from Taishan, which became a popular place of pilgrimage, Huashan, because of the inaccessibility of its summits, only received Imperial and local pilgrims, and was not well visited by pilgrims from the rest of China. Huashan was also an important place for immortality seekers, as many herbal Chinese medicines are grown and powerful drugs were reputed to be found there. Kou Qianzhi (365–448), the founder of the Northern Celestial Masters received revelations there, as did Chen Tuan (920–989), who spent the last part of his life in hermitage on the west peak. In the 1230s, all the temples on the mountain came under control of the Daoist Quanzhen School. In 1998, the management committee of Huashan agreed to turn over most of the mountain's temples to the China Daoist Association. This was done to help protect the environment, as the presence of taoists and nuns deters poachers and loggers.


What to see in Mt.Hua

There are mainly five peaks in Mt. Hua
East Peak (Facing Sun Peak): It's one of the main peaks of Mount Huashua, situated at east. It is 2096.2 meters bove the sea level.On the top of the peak,there is a platform named "Chaoyang Terrace" it's the best place to enjoy the sunrise, with wild field of vision. 

South Peak (Landing Wild Geese Peak): The South Peak is 2154.9 meters high. It is the highest peak among all the Five Mountains. On the south peak there are Laozi peak, Chinese alchemy and eight-trigram pool, these sites are associated with the legend of Lao tzu. And there is “heavenly southern gate” in the cliff to the east. On the south peak also there is the golden temple built in the Ming dynasty, also known as the Baidi temple to worship Mount Huashan god.

West Peak(Lotus FlowerPeak): It seated at west with an altitude of 2082meters. There is a giant rock on the peak looks exactly like petals of lotus, ancient literati also called it Lotus Peak.

North Peak (Cloud Terrace Peak): It is 1614.9 meters high above the sea leave. The North Peak is solitary and imposing to the sky. Located at the north part of Mt. Huashan, the North Peak has White Cloud Peak at north, Liangzhang Hill at east, approaches East Peak, South Peak and West Peak and connects with Thousand-Foot Precipice, Hundred-Foot Crevice and Laojun Plough Ditch. The summit is joint by several groups of rocks. On the top of North peak, there is a terrace, Yiyun Pavilion, which is a great place to see the other 3 main peaks and Black Dragon Ridge. In 1996, the cable car opened to tourists. There are many attractions on the peak, such as Zhenwu Temple, Jiaogong Stone Chamber, Changchun Stone Chamber, Jade Maiden Window, Xianyougong, Shentu Cliff, Yiyun Pavilion, Iron Cow Terrace and so on.


Middle Peak(Jade Maiden Peak): The peak is 2037.8m high above the sea level. It is a small peak at west side of the East Peak. In ancient time, it was a part of East Peak, but now, people rank it as one of the main peak of Mt. Huashan. Heavenly Stairs in the north of Middle Peak, and was built in 1984, is the shortcut from the Yinfeng pavilion to the East Peak via East Stone Building, and has become a new risk Mt. Huashan road. Heavenly Stairs are more than 10 meters high, vertical to the ground in an angle of 90 degrees, protruding in the upper cliff. Three ladders are suspended for visitors to climb in line, and because the body can't get close to the walls, with the rope swing it is easy to shake, making people feel like sailing clouds and fogs in the heaven therefore it is called Heavenly Stairs. With Heavenly Stairs opening, the climbing time from Middle Peak to the East peak has shortened, and the interest of adventure has increased, since it is open, many of the tourists are ready to climb here, and want to have a try. Next to the Heavenly Stair there is a metal artificial stairs, which is convenient for visitors to climb up and down.

There are lots of temples on its slopes and peaks in Mount.Hua. At the foot of the mountains is the Cloister of the Jade Spring (???), which is dedicated to Chen Tuan. Additionally atop the southern-most peak there is an ancient taoist temple which in modern times has been converted into a tea house.

How to get there from the train station

Train Routes
1. High speed trains from Xian North Railway Station to Huashan North Station about 30-40 minutes. After arrival, take the free minibuses in green outside the station to the mountain.
2. A normal train from Xian Railway Station to Huashan Station takes 1.5-2 hours. After arrival, take No.608 to Baoliandeng Square, or Huashan Shengtai Square, which is near the entrance of the mountain.

Metro Routes
Take subway line 1 to Xian Fangzhicheng Bus Station and take a bus to Huayin. The bus runs every 30 minutes between 07:45 and 19:00. The bus ticket costs CNY 37.5 and a single trip takes about 2 hours.

Bus Routes
Take a regular tourist bus from the east square of Xian Railway Station to the Jade Spring Temple at the foot of the Mt.Hua. It operates between 06:30 and 19:00. The one-way ticket costs CNY 39.5 and round-trip ticket costs CNY 66.5. A single trip takes 1.5 hours or so.

 (Note: Tourism Bus Line 1 from the east square of Xian Railway Station to the mountain is out of service at present.)


Admisssion Fees:  CNY180 for peak season(Mar.1- Nov.30);
                               CNY100 for off season (Dec.1-end of next February)
Opening Hours: peak season 07:00-19:00, off season 09:00- 17:00;
Time for Visit: 6-8 hours

Tour Mount Hua with Xian Priavte Tour
All the following tours are recommended by 98% of our clients. They are private tours with an English-seapking local guide, a private vehicle and experienced local driver. Usually the tour service starts from Xian hotel/Xian train station/Xian aiport and finishes at the moment you say goodbye to your guide at the Xian hotel/Xian train station/Xian airport.


If the above tours are not on your list, creat your own Xian tour including Huashan Mountain following our suggestions. Based in Xi'an and focused on Xi'an, we are a local team to show you the historic Xi'an, we can customize private tours, tour itinerary and tour packages to cater to the needs of individual tourists as well as small group tours including families, friends and business colleagues. Please refer to Xian tours for more Xian tour packages or send us your inquiry by email.

Mosted Asked Questions about Huashan Mountain

1. Is it convenient to travel from Xian to visit Mt.Huashan?

Yes, it is quite convenient to get to Huashan Mountain from Xian city since it is one of the most popular tourist attractions aroun Xian. There are several transport ways, if you travel from Xian Xianyang Airport: 1) Take long-distance bus from Bus terminal at Xianyang airport, there are several direct buses available, departs at 10:30?12:30?15:00?17:30. It takes around 2 hours from Xianyang airport to reach. 2) Book a priavte transfer or a package tour to Mt.Huashan; From Xian North Railway Station: You can take high speed train from Xian north railway station to Huashan North Station, it takes around half an hour by high speed train. Once you arrive at Huashan north station, take taxi from there to Mt. Huashan; You can also take the regular tourist buses departing from Xi’an Railway Station, bounded for Huashan’s Visitor Centre. The bus ticket cost CNY35 to 40 per person for one way. And the bus journey takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Or rent a private vehicle with local angency or book a Mt.Huashan tour.

2. How long does it take climb up to the top of Huashan Mountain? Can i stay overnight on the top?

If you start your climbing from the foothill of the mountain, it takes around 6 hours to the top. But it takes around 3 hours to reach the top of the mountain if you choose the cable car option. By the way, stay overnight on the top of mountain is available, there are serveral hotels and even you can camping there.

3. Is it possible to visit Huashan mountain from Xian city in one day?

Yes, one day trip to Huashan mountain from Xian is possible. It takes around 2 hours from Xian city center by taxi or use the private transfer service, high speed train is also available between Xian and Huashan, there are many daily trains that take around half an hour. The trains depart from Xian North Railway Station and arrive at Huashan North Railwat Station. Huashan Scenic Area is not far from the railway station. If you only have one day for the Huashan, you can choose the round way cable option to visit, then spend about 3 hours sightseeing at the top of Huashan mountain.

4. When is the best time to visit and hike Huashan Mountain?

Huashan Mountain can be visited all year around since the scenery is different on each season. The best time to visit and hike Huashan Mountain is from April to October, it is also the peak season for tourism industry in Huashan. The weather is very dry and temperature is around 20? during summer time, you can see the sea of clounds. In summer, it's a rain season in Huashan Mountain but with a clear scenery, the temperature is high in the daytime and cool at night. The weather is sunny and rainy with a comfortable temperature during the autumn. If you travel during the winter, you may face the fog and snow on the mountain area and it is not easy to go around Huashan mountain.

5. We are planing to take high speed train to Huashan from Xian north station, how can i get to Huashan mountain from Huashan north train station?

You can take taxi or free shuttle buses from Huashan North train station to get to the Huashan Tourist Center. Huashan scenic area is about 5KM far away from the train station, it' s very convenient to take taxi. Otherwise, you can take free Shuttle Bus: There are two shuttle buses, route 1 or route 2 goes to the visitors center. Earliestbus is 7am-7:20am, latest bus is 7pm-7:20pm. The route 1 takes around 15 mins and runs every 25 mins; Route 2 takes around 25 mins and runs every 12 mins.

6. Could you advise some useful Huashan mountain travel tips for my first time visit in Xian?

Huashan Mountain is regarded as the most adventural mountain for hiking but it attracts lot of domestic and wester tourist come to visit and hike. Below are some useful travel tips for Huashan mountain tour:
1) Private transfer or high speed train is the best way travel to Huashan mountain from Xian downtown; Or you can book a xian tour package that includes the transfer, tour guide.
2) Time for sunrise in Huashan: Spring(Mar. to May): 05:00 – 06:00; Summer(June to Aug.): 04:30 – 05:20; Autumn(Sept. to Nov.): 05:00 – 05:20; Winter(Dec. to Feb.): 05:30 – 06:00;
3) Prepare the light and soft-soled shoes, be sure to wear gloves for climbing. Travel with a light lagguage since there are long distance to walk from cable car station to hotels; If you travel with the elderly people, you should prepare crutches; Prepare some high-calorie foods and water before climbing
4) If you are travel on your own, you should take a map of Huashan along with you.

7. How much is the entrance tickets of Huashan Mountain? Is the cost of cable car included?

The entrance tickets for the Huashan mountain is CNY160 per person, the ticket includes the main peaks scenic area, Jade Spring Temple, Xianyu Scenic Area and Xiyue Temple, and it is valid for two days. The fee for the cable car is not included in the main entrance tickets, you need to pay extra if you plan to take the cable car.

8. How diffcult is the hiking on Mt. Huashan? Is it suitable for the eldery people who over 70 years old?

Huashan is know as the most dangerous mountain for those who like hiking. There are many routes are available for visitors hiking in Huashan Mountain, you can choose one according to your own physical conditions. If you are travel with eldery, you definitly need to take the round-way cable car, then spend a leisure walk around the mountain, you can take the North Peak Cable Car and hike along the Canglong Ridge. This short route is good for people who want a more relaxing experience, or don’t have very much time. The toute for this hiking is from North Peak Cableway Station ? Group of Immortals Taoist Temple ? Laujun Furrow ? Macaque Sorrow ? Return to North Peak Cableway Station along the same route.

9. How about the hotel condition on the top of the Mt.Huashan? Any suggestion for the Huashan Accommodation?

The accommodation on the top of Huashan Mountain is pretty and the price is not cheap. You need to book in advance, because it will often be full. The hotels on Mount Hua tend to have basic accommodations, dormitory rooms, private rooms, showers, and camping gear. The condition of hotels in Huashan Mountain Area is not as good as other scenic areas. If you are planning stay overnight on the top of the mountain, there are 5 options that you can stay on the top, Huashan East Peak Hotel, Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel, Huashan West Peak Hotel, Huashan North Peak Hotel and camping on your own.

10. Do you have any Xian group tour to visit the Huashan mountain fron Xian downtown?

We don't have the Xian group tour to Huasha Mountain, only the private tour. Book a private tour to Huashan mountain from Xian with your personal tour guide that provide a hassle free tour service, you will enjoy the hotel/train station pick up & drop off service, accompanied by a private tour guide, sit in the comfortable vehilce. The tour will be flexible for you, no other tourists join in your tour.

11. How many days should we plan for a Huashan mountain tour?

We suggest you stay 2 days at Huashan mountain, one day also advise if you have limited travel time in Xian. Slow down your travel pace at Huashan mounatin to visit more peaks there which featured with different scenery as well as stay overnight on the top of the mountain to enjoy the charming scenery of the sunrise, sunset ( if the weather permits).

12. What are the best things to do at the Huashan scenic area?

Huashan mountain is famous for hiking and it is known as the "world’s most dangerous hike" or the "plank walk" in China, so the hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Huashan. Beside the hiking, there are still lots of famous attractions at Huashan scenic area, such as the Huashan Plank Path, it is the most dangerous part in Huashan Mountain. The path with a history of over 700 years, a few footsteps carved out of the Wancheng cliff on the east side of the south peak of Huashan Mountain;

Experience the walk along the Thousand Feet Zhuang Path, it is reputed as the “throat of Mount Huashan” for its very precipitous and key location for the whole mountain. This very narrow path is wandering on the cliff. What's more, pay a visit to the Daoist temples at Huashan scenic area, such as Jade Spring Temple which located at the entrance of the mounatin. If the weather permits, stay overnight on the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunrise and sunset scenery.

13. Can you provide the detailed information for the Huashan cable car?

There are two cableway at Huashan Mountain that take you to the different peak, one is Northern Peak Cableway and another one is Taihua Cableway (West Peak). The opening hours for the cable car is 7: 00AM-19: 00PM (peak season) and 9: 00AM--17: 00PM(low season); The price for them are North Peak Cableway: CNY80 for single way and CNY150 for round way; West Peak Cableway: CNY140 for single way and CNY280 for round way. No matter which cableway you choose, you need take tourist shuttle bus from the Huashan tourist center to the cable car station.

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