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Jiayuguan Silk Road Tours

4 Days Silk Route Tour to Dunhuang & Jiayuguan

Duration:4 Days, 3 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Jiayuguan, Dunhuang

Tour Style:Step back into ancient Chinese silk road with this guided 4 days Dunhuang Jiayuguan silk route tour. During the tour, visit the best part of Jiayuguan Great Wall along the silk road, experience the camel ride across Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake, admire the UNESCO sites Mogao Grottoes and enjoy the Yadan unique geopark landscape. Your professional tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour.

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From $350 p/p
3 Days Xi'an to Jiayuguan Tour by Train

Duration:3 Days, 2 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Jiayuguan Pass, Overhanging Great Wall, Wei Jin Tombs, The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall

Tour Style:Jiayuguan is a small city, it has no influence on its important position in the ancient Silk Road. You can't miss the Overhanging wall, Jiayuguan Pass, Wei and Jin tombs and other famous scenic spots. And there are direct flights between Xi'an and Jiayuguan, so why not spend three days join this tour to make an in-depth exploration of Jiayuguan? Air flight tickets is included.

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From $163 p/p
2 Days Jiayuguan Silk Road Culture Tour from Zhangye

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Jiayuguan Pass, Jiayuguan Departure, Overhanging Great Wall, Wei Jin Tombs

Tour Style:Jiayuguan-a small city in the middle of Hexi Corridor and a popular stopover destination between Zhangye and Dunhuang. They both necessary places for commerce and trade of the ancient Silk Road. For a better understanding of the background story of the Silk Road, you can take the train directly from Zhangye to Jiayuguan. This 2 Days Jiayuguan Silk Road Culture Tour included most of the major attractions in Jiayuguan, you can take a longer adventure to explore deeper and further into the history, culture and landscape of Silk Road.

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From $135 p/p
1 Day Tour in Jiayuguan: Jiayuguan Pass, Overhanging Great Wall, Wei and Jin Tomb

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Jiayuguan Pass, Overhanging Great Wall, Wei and Jin Tomb

Tour Style:Known as the 'Mouth of China', Jiayuguan is an important gateway of the ancient Chinese silk road, as important as Dunhuang. Book this 1 day Jiayuguan tour to visit the "The Last Greatwall in the West" - Overhanging Great Wall(Jiayuguan Pass) and marvel at lifelike murals of ancient daily scenes of Wei Dynasty and Jin Dynasty. Private hotel pickup and drop-off, expert guide and city transfer service are included.

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From $82 p/p
Silk Road Tour: 3 Days Jiayuguan Dunhuang Tour

Duration:3 Days, 2 Nights


Tour Style:Get the most out of your China Silk Road holiday vacation with this personalized private Jiayuguan Dunhuang tour. This 3 Days silk road tour is an ideal package tour for you to save hours planning tour itinerary and booking train tickets. Travel Zhangye by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, you'll not only see more in a short space of time, also take an insight into the brilliant culture and history of ancient China.

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From $240 p/p

Most Asked Questions about China Silk Road Tours

1. When is the best time to take the China Silk Road Tours?

Silk Road in China covers many cities in Northwest part of China, the best time to travel along the silk road is from May to October. May is the perfect time to visit cities along the China Silk Route. The average temperature will be around 15 ℃; September and October are also another great time to visit, it's the season for the harvest in Xinjiang. Winter is not recommended to travel to silk road cities, and the summers are busy and hot. You can allso plan your trip to visit the China Silk Route cities during spring (March & April) if you want to enjoy the flower blooming.

2. How many days should I plan for a silk road in China?

If you are the first -time traveller and you want to explore the ancient Silk route in China, we suggest you should plan about 7-15 days for the China silk road tour. The ancient silk route in China covers many cities, such as Xian, Lanzhou, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar. If you have a limited travel time, you can also take short trips in a single province. 

3. What should I pack for a China silk route tour?

If you are planning to travel to China to do a silk road tour, you should bring following things with you:
1) Passport and Visa: please bring your original passport and Chinese Visa. You'd better prepare the copies of your passport and visa in digital forms or print when you travel in China.
2) You' better prepare some cash in advance since the credit card are not common in Xinjiang.
3) As for the clothes, warm clothes are required even in hot summer as temperature during the day and night varies considerably in desert area on the route. To better explore the attraction sites, please wear comfortable shoes for outdoor hiking. If you travel during winter, please prepare the thick down jacket or insulated jacket, scarf, hat, gloves.
4) Personal Hygiene, Moisture and sunscreen, Sunglasses and Sunhat.

4. I'm interested in your Northwest China silk road tour package. Is safe travel to Xinjiang?

Please be assured that it is safe to travel on the Northwest China Silk Road cities. And it is safe to travel in Xinjiang, we can confidently say that it's quite safe in Xinjiang, we have arranged tours for many groups and there haven't been any issue reported by our clients. There is a low crime rate in Xinjiang, and you can travel freely at any time of the day or night. Of course, staying alert and taking the usual precautions is also worth it. Beware of pickpockets in the bazaars. You will be required to go through the security at all the airports, trains stations, even some shops and restaurants.

5. How to travel between the popular tourist destinations in Xinjiang by public transportation?

The public transportation system is convenient within Xinjiang and each major city is connected with long-distance bus, train and flight. Urumqi, Turpan & Kashgar are three popular tourist destinations in Xinjiang. Urumqi is the capital city in Xinjiang with a convenient transportation. As Turpan is close to the Urumqi, you can choose take 1- hour bullet train or 2-hour bus. Taking flight is the best way travel to Kashgar from Urumqi since Kashgar is located in the extreme west of China. 

6. How can i book your silk road tour pacakge? What payment methods do you accept?

Choose one of the our silk road tour package that you interested and feel free to send us your inquiry via email. Our travel consultant will send you the detailed itinerary and quotation for the tour soonest once we received your tour inquiry. Flexible to adjust the package before the final confirm. Once the details were confirmed, we require part of payment as deposit to ensure the tour booking, and the balance you can pay one week before you arrive. The copy of your passport is required for us to make reservation.

As for the payment, PayPal, Alipay, Bank Transfer, WeChat and Cash are acceptable.

7. We are a couple over 65 years old from Singapore, do you have any china silk road tour suitable for senior people?

Yes, we have silk road tour for senior people. Our 11 Days Northwestern China Silk Road Tour Package from Lanzhou & Urumqi is suitable for seniors. You may have may concerns about the conditions in Northwest part of China, such as toilet, walking distance, driving distance etc. Well, the facilities of the sights along the silk road much improved recent year, western toilets are available in most of the spots. As for the walking distance, it's about 2-4 hours daily, and the electronic shuttle bus can be arranged in some scenic spots. Bullet train also arranged for the comfortable driving and saving time.

8. What are the top attractions along the Ancient China Silk Road?

Silk road tour is one of the popular themed tour in China and attracts many tourists from all over the world. People want to explore the best part of China silk road as the ancient silk road left mamy historical and cultural relices in those cites. The most popular silk road attractions such as Xian Terracotta Army, Xiahe Labrang Lamasery, Jiayuguan Great Wall Fort, Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Urumqi Hearvely Lake, Kashgar Sunday Market, Id Koh Mosque, the ruins of ancient cities in Turpan etc.

9. How about the hotel conditions in the silk road regions when I take a China silk road from Xian?

As the Silk Road cities are located in the less deveoped area, but don't worry about the accommodation when you plan a silk road tour. As the development of tourism industry of cities on the Silk Road, many high quality hotels have been built to meet the large incoming tourists. There are hotels from economy to luxury class, including some international hotel brand, such as Sheraton, Inter Continental, etc. All the hotel arrangement for our tour package are based on 4 star hotel or 5 star hotel with a convenient location for shopping and eating, good facilities and equipment.

10. Will there be shopping stops on my silk route tour in China? Is it a No-shopping tour?

Our silk road tour is based on no-shopping tours. We promise let you to spend more time on attractions, without wasting time in tourist shops or factory stores. Without shopping stops, you can thoroughly enjoy the trip without worrying or being pressured to purchase overpriced items. If you have any shopping needs or requirements, our guides will happy to give some recommodation for a local shopping experience.

11. What type of tour guides will escort us during Silk road tour from Lanzhou to Urumqi? Is the English tour guide available in the cities along the silk route?

Yes, English tour guide service is available along the silk road cities. When you book our Silk road our package, we will arrange our well-trained, experienced, dedicated, Chinese & English speaking tour guide for our clients. When you take the tour in Xinjiang, you will have the local Uyghurs as your tour guide, they know better about the local culture, custom, lifestyle etc. They all speak English well and have good communication skill during the tour & with locals.

12. What are inclued & excluded in your silk road tour package?

Our silk road tours includes professional tour guide, accommodation, private transfer (airport or railway station, attractions and hotels), entrance fees for places listed in our itinerary, domestic flight & train tickets, meals mentioned in the itinerary; Please kindly note the International Air tickets, Chinese Visa, optional items, personal expenses and tip for guides & drivers are not included in our package.

13. Can you arrange a customized China Silk road tour for me? Is the tour can be flexible?

Yes, we can arrange a customized silk road tour according to your personal interests and the tour can be flexible for you. Feel free to tell us which cities and places that you want to visit, what type of hotels and food that you like. Our private China Silk Road tours offer an easy and flexible pace tailored for everyone to experience the history, culture relics, ethnic minorities, landscape, and local interaction along the China Silk Route.

14. How to get around the northwest part of China for the silk route tour?

As the development of tourism industry in the northwest part of China, the transportation system has imporved a lot. Travel by flight is the most efficient and comfortable way to travel to the main cities along the Silk Road. The main cities Xi'an and Urumqi have international airports that offer frequent flights to all major cities in China. Travel by train is a popular way by tourists, it's a convenient and cheaper way compare to flight, you can take 1-hour bullet between Urumqi to Turpan, 3 hours between Xian and Lanzhou etc. Bullet trains are available in some cities, sleeper trains are even much cheaper than bullet trains. Long-distance buses are the most inexpensive way travel along the Silk Road, we do not recommened since they are very slow.

15. Is the specail travel permit required when travel to Xinjiang? I' m an American citizen.

There is no official special permit for foreign travelers to visit Xinjiang. As Xinjiang is an open destination for tourists in China, but we indeed have to apply permit to some places, such as Karakul Lake, Tanxkurgan county. If you book our Xinjiang silk road tour, we will issue all the travel permit in Xinjiang area are requirement by government. You only need to provide the some documents, copies of your passport & China Visa page, your arrival and departure flight schedule.

16. Is it easy to travel along the silk route cities on my own? Should I book a silk road tour package with a travel tour company?

Actually, it's not such easy to travel along the northwestern China if you can't speak Mandarin. Traveling alone is its own wonderful and challenging experience. Language is a big problem travel to these areas, they are relatively backward with a few English speakers. And some places not many people speak mandarin. You can't visit some places along the silk route on your own. Book a silk road tour with local China tour company is the best way to visit the silk route, you will enjoy a hassle-free tour service, learn more history and culture about ancient silk road in China.

17. What's the cancellation policy for your silk road tour? Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit for the silk road tour is refundable, but it's depend on when you cancel the tour with us. If you we receive your cancellation inform 30-15 days or more prior to your tour departure, there is no cancellation fee; 14 to 1 days prior to your tour departure, 20% of the whole tour price; Within 24 hours prior to your tour departure or No-show, there is no refund. Please kindly note the fee for the train tcikets & flight tickets can't refund once we booked. The refund will be processed in 7 working days.

18. How to travel from capital city Lanzhou to Gannan Area?

Gannan is refers to the south part of Gansu provincie, you can take direct buses from Lanzhou south bus station to Xiahe. There are daily available. You can also rent a privte car to visit Gannan from Lanzhou, it is a easy and flexible way.

19. Which city should i start my China silk road tour? I'm a first time traveller in China.

Usually, people start thier silk road tour in Xian. As Xian is one of the most popular tourist cities in China with a convenient international & domestic transportation, there are many international flights arrive in Xian Xianyang International Airport daily and it takes around 5 hours from Beijing by high-speed train. Bullet trains are available to reach silk route cities from Xian. A tour starting in Xian is a great way to see Silk Road,  and the ancient silk road was start Chang'an (the present Xian city).

The follow tours may interest you!

Xian Day Tour Package: Private Fully Guided Xian Highlights Tour

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter

Tour Style:If you are limited on time, but want to go home with a great understanding of Xi'an, this fully guided xian one day tour package is perferct for you. Accompanied by your Private tour guide, marvel at the Qin Terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit Bell Tower and stroll down the Muslim Quarter to explore its aboudant delicous Xian snacks and rich culture of Muslim. Hotel pickup & drop-off, local guide, transportation and entrance fees are all included.

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From $87 p/p
Xian Full-Day Tour: Incredible Xian City Sights

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Musuem, Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter

Tour Style:Filled with amazing historical wonders, Xian is the ancient heart of China. This flexible Xian day tour package has packed some incredible city highlights including Shaanxi History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Ancient City Wall and much more. With your knowledgeable guide, make the most of your sightseeing time in Xian to delve into the rich history of the city and discover one of the oldest cultures in China.

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From $67 p/p
Xian Home Cooking Class Day Tour: Dumpling or Noodles Making

Duration:3-4 hours

Attractions(Cities):Local Family Visiting, Dumpling Classi or Noodles Class

Tour Style:Uncover the ancient secrets of Making Chinese Dumpling or Noodles on a 3-4 hours cooking class in Xian. With your friendly local guide, immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of a local market to gain insight into Xian's rich culinary culture, and purchase fresh ingredients from enticing stalls. Under the guidance of the local hostess, prepare local delicacies and learn how to make dumplings or noodles. Moreover, you'll have a great party to taste your own hand-made dumplings or noodles and snacks with hostess & your guide together. It's also a great choice to talk to the locals to know its people, culture and local lifestyle.

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From $58 p/p
2-Day Xian Travel Package: Xian Tour with Terracotta Warriors & Tang Dynasty Dance Show

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Terracotta Warriors, Big Goose Pagoda,Tang Dynasty Show, Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter, City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum

Tour Style:Hit the Terracotta Warriors and other highlights of Xian without the hassles of planning on this 2-day Xian travel package with your personal guide. Discover the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, one of the eight wonders in the world, explore ancient City Wall, explore the history of the Bid Wild Goose Pagoda and learn the Muslim culture on Muslim Quater. Your knowledgeable and friendly guide, transportation service with professional driver will make you a memorable stay in Xian.

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From $143 p/p
The Most Recommend Private Half Day Xian Terracotta Warriors Tour with Optional Morning or Afternoon Departure

Duration:4-5 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Terracotta Warriors

Tour Style:Terracotta Warriors is truly a remarkable place to visit if you are interested in Chinese history. Get a handy private half day terracotta warriors with your local Xian tour guide, to avod crowded tour buses and slow-moving tour groups, let you explore the famous Terracotta Army, which knowns as one of "Eight Wonders of the World" at your own pace with flexible starting time. This half day tour includes city transportation, entrance fee to the Terracotta Warriors, professional guide and more!

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From $65 p/p
SKIP THE LINE: Xian History & Culture Tour with Terracotta Warriors

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Tour Style:Terracotta is known as one of 'Eight Wonders in the World', which means it attracts the huge crowds and long lines throughout the year. Book this one day Xian tour with us, you'll not waste a second of your precious Xian holiday time waiting in the line. Accompanied by your personal guide, get an insight about the history and secrets of the amazing historical sites when you visit the Terracotta Warriors, ancient City Wall and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Make the best of your time to get a depth understanding of its culture, stories and people.

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From $92 p/p
Incredible 5-day Beijing Xian Tour Package by Bullet Train

Duration:5 Days, 4 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Xian, Beijing

Tour Style:Bullet train makes travelers from Beijing to Xian or Xian to Beijing easy to reach, it's safe, convenient and comfortable, has become one of the most popular transportations for travelers visit China. This 5-day Beijing Xian train tour package lead you to explore all the top Beijing & Xian highlights including great wall, terracotta warriors and much more, with your knowledgeable guide, you'll not only learn the profound Chinese history, culture in-depth, but also be amazed by the breathtaking sceneries and great Chinese architectures. On the way from Xian to Beijing by train, you'll also witness the unique country scenery and villages that you won't see them by flight. Do not be missed!

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From $295 p/p

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