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Xi'an is not only a great destination to visit the magnificent Terracotta Warriors, also makes for a perfect launching pad to see other historic sights in China. If you are going to have a lifetime or just a regular trip to Xi'an, you may tear yourself away from Xi'an for a day, or two or even more days to explore some of the easily accessible and wonderful memorable spots and cities starting from and back to Xi'an or extended for other destinations. 

You are highly recommended to take Xi'an side trips from Xi'an to other historic cities like Beijing, Luoyang, Pingyao, Datong, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Xianyang, etc. Xi'an Private Tours provides Xi'an side trips widely, all below trips are high quality private trips with personal English-speaking guide and private vehicle. If all the Xi'an side trips on this page are not what you are expecting, please contact us for more tailor-made your own Xi'an side tours. As a leading tour organizer in Xi'an, we are keen to provide you with excellent Xi'an side trip products which will make your tour in Xi'an more abundant and colorful.

Luoyang is located in the confluence area of Luo River and Yellow River in Central China. Situated on the central plain of China, Luoyang enjoy a reputation of the cradles of Chinese civilization, and is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. For over 4,000 years, it served as the capital city of thirteen different Chinese kingdoms including the first, the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century B.C.). 

Luoyang was important in history as the capital of nine ruling dynasties and as a Buddhist centre, is one of the earliest Buddhist foundations in China. The city is thus endowed with countless historical sites and cultural treasures, like Longmen Grotto, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple and so on. In additional, Luoyang rich in wonderful natural scenics, Baiyunshan National Forest Park has the reputation of "Natural Museum". It's now become one of the top ten ancient cities in China.

Pingyao is China's best-preserved ancient walled town, between Beijing and Xi'an and 100 kilometres from the provincial capital, Taiyuan. Pingyao is a well-preserved old city with a history of 2,700 years, it is an outstanding Han Chinese city of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has the fame of architecture for centuries years history and which is also renowned for its well-preserved city walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pingyao is rich in historic tourist attractions. Like Pingyao Ancient City Wall, Shuanglin Temple, Rishengchang Bank, Qiao Family Compound, etc. One of the highlights of Pingyao is the ancient City Wall, the rest of the city walls in Pingyao are still largely intact and are considered among the best-preserved ancient city walls on this scale.

Datong is the scecond city in Shaanxi Province, nearby Inner Mongolia. Founded during the Han dynasty in 200BC ans served as the capital of Northern Wei Dynasty from 398 AD until 494 AD, about 96 years, Datong is famous for its profound history and culture. It is well known as the 'City of Coal'. Its large reserves of coal make it a very important energy base in China.

Datong has lots of historic and cultural ruins, among the magnificent wonders of China's history-soaked heritage are the 1,500-year-old Buddhist grottoes of Datong--Yungang Grottoes, which was constructed during the 460-494 AD. Besides, Hanging Temple in Datong is the highlight as well, is the only existing temple in China where you can see a temple combine Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, which would definitely amazed by tourists; Nine-Dragon Screen, Wooden Pagoda, the oldest and tallest pagoda in China.

Taiyuan is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province, which is one of the main manufacturing bases of China. Taiyuan, meaning "Great Plains", situated in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, it has become an industrial powerhouse and the base of China's coal industry. Taiyuan is an ancient city with more than 2500 years of urban history, dating back from 497 BC.  It was the capital or secondary capital of Zhao, Former Qin, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Northern Jin, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, Northern Han. 

Throughout its long history, Taiyuan was the capital or provisional capital of many dynasties in China, hence the name Lóngchéng ("Dragon City"). The highlights of Taiyuan are Jinci Temple, Shanxi Province Museum, The Qiao's Grand Courtyard, Twin Pagoda Temple, Chongshansi Temple, etc, where you can explore the ancient cities and learn China history in depth.

Lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou is the provicial capital of Henan Province, which boarders Kaifeng to the east, and Luoyang to the west. Zhengzhou is an important railway hub on the Beijing-Guangzhou and Xi'an-Shanghai rail lines and the home to the the national grain wholesale market and a new high-tech science park. Rich in history, Zhengzhou is one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China, it played a key role in China's early civilization as the site of Shanghai dynasty walledcity, has the history of over 3,500 years when porcelain and the Chinese technique of bronze smelting werecomparatively more developed.  A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been shown to be the most ancient porcelain in China. A long and glorious history and culture has left Zhengzhou with abundant cultural and historic sites. The major tourist attractions in Zhengzhou are Shaolin Temple; Henan Museum, the teller of Chinese history; Yellow River, the birthplace of Yellow emperor; Song Mountain, with its combination of culture and nature scenery, etc.

With a recorded history close to 3,000 years, Kaifeng is known as one of the six major centers of ancient Chinese civilization, and there are various cultural relics and historic sites that are remained in the city. Thanks to this, Kiafeng has become one of the top travel destinations for travelers visit to China. Moreover, Kaifeng is endowed with cultural and natural sights, it is characterized by "rich historical heritage, ancient city pattern, typical ancient style, and unique northern water city flavor".

Here we provide useful Kaifeng travel tips and Kaifeng Tour Packages, let visitors get an insightful in its incredible sites, such as Grand Xiangguo Monastery, Dragon Pavillion Park, Millennium City Park, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, Kaifeng Mansion, Iron Pagoda Park, Yanqing Temple, Kaifeng Memorial Tower, etc.

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